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Virus Removals

What you don’t know can hurt your computer, and hackers are banking on it. Literally. Every day, computers are being infected with viruses, malware, bots, and rootkits. You might not know the difference between a Trojan horse and a key logger, but either can spell disaster for your computer, causing damage to files and even hardware.

Viruses come in many forms, and the way they’re delivered can trick even veteran users. Viruses in the disguise of program updates, pictures in email, music files, and even anti-virus programs can lock down a computer, steal information, or open a gateway that lets someone else take over your system.

We’ve even seen viruses with FBI badges that require you to send money in order to unlock your computer.

If that scares you into deciding to pull out the Internet plug, give AB Computer a call. With technicians skilled in removing viruses, we can also give you advice on what will keep your system protected and secure. We also provide backup services to keep your information safe in case your computer goes down for the count.

At AB Computer, you can have your computer diagnosed, healed, and put back together in working shape – sometimes in better working order than before.