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Billing Policy

Service rates are between $90 and $220 per hour and are charged in 1/10 hour increments.  A MINIMUM charge of 1 hour will be assesed on any work order.

Balances not collected at time of service are due in 15 calendar days.   A service charge of 3% per month (36% APR), $1.00 minimum, is applied to all past due balances.  If legal action is required to collect an outstanding balance, buyer agrees to pay legal fees.  Bounced checks and credit card chargebacks are subject to the maximum fee allowed by law.

Returns are not accepted for special order items.  Stocked items may be returned in original packaging and condition with 7 days of purchase for refund or credit, after testing.  Buyer agrees to pay any applicable restocking fees.

Computer virus resolution is particularly complex. By design, viruses hide, replicate, transport, and recur. Virus resolution almost always requires at least two, and usually more, sessions for success, and even then can easily recur in the near or distant future. The complexity of these processes is a result of the malicious nature of the creators of this form of vandalism, not us. As with all of our service, we work as efficiently as possible when resolving virus problems, but we cannot guarantee success in one visit or in a set amount of time.