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Email and Online Banking Super Computer?

11,000 Dollar Email and Online Banking Super ComputerWhen a situation comes up in my business this unique and mind-boggling, I’m left with no choice but to share it on the world-wide web.
My company just received a special request to have a very high-end computer system built for personal use, pretty much a Super Computer. The client is a middle-aged man who lives on very open land and seems to have an above average wealth. You may be asking why does this matter, what’s the point? Well in all honesty, there really is no point. This situation is a perfect example of disposable money and the want to have one of the best high-end computers that money can buy.

The Computer

So how much did this computer cost? The tower alone cost around $11,000. Accessories such as monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc. were not included
The tower was pushing two 8 core hyper threaded processors for a total of 32 cores, 96 GB’s of Memory, 4GB’s of video memory, 1500 watt power supply, 12 fans, Blue Ray DVD player, 480 GB SSD and 1 TB Storage Drive. If you’re not impressed not impressed yet, then maybe a list of each individual part will float your boat.

The User

Sounds like a power house of a computer; you would probably think my client is going to host multiple virtual machines, play high-end video games, run memory intensive programs such as Autocad, 3D Studio Max, or anything else that would utilize 32 processor cores and  96 GB’s of memory. But that’s not the case, this computer will mainly be used to check email and do online banking. Sad but true! In the upcoming days I’ll be thinking about all the potential and possibilities that I could put into this computer, only to know that it will soon walk out of my doors, never to be seen again and only being used up to 5% of its power for probably its entire life time.

The Conclusion

It was quite an experience to help build a machine with so much power, I may never have an opportunity to build another machine like this in my career. So I’ll enjoy the moment and sit back with envy. Good Game middle-aged man with disposable income… Good Game.