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The Value of an Internal Company Microsoft CRM TEAM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
So, you spend a lot of time researching the best CRM solution for your company. You involve people from your organization that you feel will bring great value in making a decision based on the individual’s perspective or job role. Meetings are held to discuss all the requirements, needs, and wants of the company. A decision is made and the company proceeds with implementation of the new CRM system.
Unfortunately, often times the implementation fails. Why is that so? All the members of a solid team took part in the decision making process, everyone agreed this was the best solution for the needs of the company. Was everyone wrong? Is it the product? Most often, the problem is not the product.
Microsoft CRM is all about teamwork and collaboration. So why is it left up to the IT department to implement it? If a team was put together to purchase a CRM system, why isn’t a team put together to implement it? One of the very first things I do when implementing Microsoft CRM is to develop each company’s CRM Team. Having a team for implementation provides benefits including:

  • Collaboration
  • Unity
  • Less confusion between departments
  • Better adoption
  • Better training
  • Reduced duplication
  • Saved time
  • Saved money
  • Improved process flow

Microsoft CRM is a product that spans across multiple departments within an organization. A lot of confusion happens when only one perspective is used in order to implement the product. If companies develop a team that consists of representatives of every department that will be using the CRM system, much of the confusion, frustration, and complications are removed. The CRM team works together to determine how the needs of each department will be integrated and how to best roll out the new CRM system. This greatly reduces complications once it is time to go live.
Additionally, it is important that the CRM team meet regularly once the system is live. This will help to maintain the integrity of the CRM system and ensure that any new features, processes and functions integrate smoothly within the original system.
A team should consist of someone from each of the following areas:

  • Corporate
  • IT
  • Project Manager
  • CRM Team Leader
  • Each department that will be using the CRM system

Ensure a successful CRM implementation by bringing together the right internal team.
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